Welcome to Bliss. Here, on my web page, you can see some photos, read articles and access the archived Three Corners Geocities home page.

I've made websites since 1990s. Back then, we were inspired by progressively expanding accessibility of the Internet and new ways of information sharing. I joined the HTML Writers Guild and participated in the GeoCities - a domain of, as we used to call, personal home pages. As an Athens community leader, I was helping others to build and maintain their websites.

That project went on until Geocities was acquired by Yahoo! Inc. in 1999 and became the third most popular site on the web. But then it was discontinued and all our pages were deleted from Yahoo's servers.

Archived in 2001, now the Three Corners rests here.

Time after time, while this website was dormant, I was thinking of a new layout, had some nice ideas, but none of them have ever worked out. And when I was about to give up, I read John Allsopp's Dao of Web Design and Ethan Marcotte's Responsive Web Design, and at last that Chattanooga Choo Choo of my inspiration took off. And I jumped in to find myself in a Maeklong train that in the next few days slowly transformed into Stimela.

So, eventually, this is what I've got. And to begin with, in the real world, I am from Armenia, a wonderful ancient country, full of colours.

Colours of Armenia

There are many famous Armenian painters. Some of them are famous also for their rich palette, and every Armenian knows Sarian, Minas and Roslin.


Henri Cartier-Bresson, who is often referred to as the father of modern photojournalism said, "In photography, the smallest thing can be a great subject."



Check out some of my articles and textbooks published in English (and other languages).


Posting just in case.

Colours of Armenia

There are many famous Armenian painters – Ivan Aivazovsky, Arshile Gorky, Hakob Hakobian, Garzu, Hovnatanian dynasty, Hakob Kojoyan, Sargis Pitsak, Martiros Sarian...

Sarian believed that his goal was to achieve the outmost expression with simple means, doing away with the half-tints of compormise. He wrote, "Colour is everything, it is a real wonder. Colour should express our understanding of the essence of life... With colour I can get a stronger hold on what I see, and add the resonance of light in my paintings." (M. Sarian Flowers, Moscow, 1997)


Sociology is the main field of my research interest. I studied media, communication, culture, and community development.

Currently, one of my fields of interest is cultural diversity and multicultural society. In my previous publications, I explore the participatory phenomenon of community building in response to local challenges and analyse the processes of civic organizing, creating or strengthening social connections and building common values.

In addition to research, I train government officials and representatives of civil society, provide consulting, and evaluate projects.

Community Development Process Diagram
Community Development
Multi-ethnic Community-building:
The Kosovo Case
In Vitro
Historical Varieties of Visual Experience
In Vitro
OSCE Evaluation
Institutionalization of Gender Studies in Armenia: 2002-2004
Evaluation Report

Download the report in .pdf format

or see a report on another evaluation conducted 10 years later - Equal Before the Law: Access to Justice in Central Asia

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For more publications and links, please see the publications section of my CV.

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